the nest ballroom


Our ballroom can fit around 500 people at round tables. The room can also be divided in half or into 5 small private rooms with our soundproof, ceiling high roller walls. The north side of the ballroom is set up with ceiling to floor environmental projection which can be used for everything from professional presentations to abstract projection scenes. The south side of our ballroom features ceiling to floor windows with sliding glass doors on the ends that completely slide away to give 15 foot openings on each side.  It's hard to capture the size and the versatility our ballroom offers through photos so we highly recommend scheduling a tour to see our facilities with your own eyes. 

the nest foyer

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The foyer space at The Nest is one of the most beautiful features of our venue. This space is perfect for corporate events, private parties, showers, wedding ceremonies, and much more. We can fit up to 125 guests in this space for events, such as wedding ceremonies, where the guests are seated in lecture style seating. For events where dinner tables are needed we recommend this space for events with 75 guests or less. When you book The Nest Ballroom you automatically have access to this entire foyer space. 

the nest Chapel

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The Nest also offers a brand new chapel space for those wanting a small, intimate ceremony. This quaint space holds up to about 20 people and provides the perfect venue for a small, traditional wedding ceremony. Many who choose to use this space for their ceremony will then hold a larger reception dinner in the banquet hall. This option gives you the "best of both worlds" in the convenience of one location.